Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get Ready For Summer

Clean and pack away those deep red couch pillows, bulky throws, dark scatter rugs,
and heavy curtains.  If these accessories aren't washable, cleaning is easy--just put
them in the dryer with your favorite at-home dry cleaning sheets (be sure to follow the
package directions).  I then pack my winter treasures in those plastic zippered bags that
I save from my blanket purchases.

Now have fun decorating with light-colored linen or other summer fabrics.  What colors
should you choose?  As with all the other seasons, take your cues from nature!  Think
of the wildflowers, beach sand, green grass, summer sky, and creamy sea shells.  Be
creative and look at nature's color combinations--they are always perfect!

Happy Summer!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Winner Is

I want to thank everyone who entered our pillow giveaway. It always means so much that you have stopped by my blog or my Facebook and left a comment. The winner is Rosie Kennedy Ullman.

 For a second chance to win one of our pillows, Susie Harris is having a giveaway, so please stop by Susie's Blog

Thank you again and have a wonderful week!