Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Treat Addiction and Pillow Winner Announced!

Today I would like to talk about something that is near to my heart (and unfortunately my midsection)... sweets.  While perusing the blog world I have seen so many delicious creations. Jill over at Nice Day at Rosies really got me with her lovely chocolate mousse last Friday. I'm still dying to attempt these peanut butter bars from the folks over at Six Sisters. I have a real weakness for sweets and you bloggers aren't helping. when I see these delicious treats so wonderfully photographed as to promote maximum appeal, I am forced to seek out my closest fix. Much to my dismay, there is a phenomenal cupcake shop right across the street. This is my current addiction.

That is a peanut butter cupcake. Chocolate cupcake. Icing that tastes like Mom's peanut butter fudge maybe with a little cream cheese and possibly some condensed milk. (I can't quite tell.) Topped off with chopped peanuts. And inside the cupcake itself- a little drop of chocolate ganache. Pair it with the coldest glass of milk you can imagine and there are no words. You bloggers with your delicious treats are forcing me to subject myself to this 2-3 times a week sometimes.

I can't just blame the bloggers. Pinterest is a huge culprit as well. That site is definitely not safe with the obscene amounts of food on display. I'm forced to look at such unwholesome delights as donuts. These chocolate dipped temptresses are presented under the guise of vintage milk bottles so thoughtfully tagged with bits of twine, but I think we know what the real intention is here.

If cupcakes and donuts and mousses weren't enough, there's ice cream. Way more than 31 flavors. As the weather gets warmer, I can't help craving all these frozen bits of wonder. Tart frozen yogurt with fresh mango to fool myself into thinking that I'm being healthier with my sweet addiction.... Or the simpler solution... Fudge Brownie Nut ice cream with its gooey brownie bits in chocolate ice cream with just a splash of milk thrown on to freeze and make a frozen milky shell to contrast the chocolate in just the right way. I think it's clear I have a chocolate addiction at this point but let's have one picture of mango coconut ice cream... to admire the old copper bucket it's in of course. Nothing unwholesome.

Too many delicious things. So let's give away a pillow instead. I am pleased to announce that the author of Beatnheart is our pillow winner. We appreciate the comments about all your mothers be they memories of the good times or the bad. Thanks for reading. I want to know what your favorite sweet addiction is. Leave us a comment and let us know!