Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Acts of Kindness And A Giveaway...

I really want to thank everyone for the sincere posts regarding the awful tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. We experience the sadness of this event daily.

Each day we are all bombarded with sad news events that occur all over the world. When my daughter was small my husband and I made it a point at dinner to have each person at the table tell what was good about their day. There is so much negativity that we hoped it would help all of us to see the positive aspects of the day. I also remind myself to show an act of kindness each day. Believe me, there are some days that I feel so stretched that I am not feeling kind. But even the smallest act of kindness can impact someone else’s life and that can be so rewarding.

I would love to hear from you regarding the last act of kindness that you received. I would also like to do a giveaway as we try to do one each month and I do think that I missed May. So leave a post and if you put a little note on your blog you will get a double entry.

We just finished a new pillow slip that is done in our grain sack fabric. It is our French number pillow slip so we hope that you will leave a post. We will have the drawing on June 18th.

Wishing you positive feelings,