Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Are Your Favorite Things?

This morning I was trying to gather things that I thought would work well in a photo of one of my pillows. In the process of gathering, I started to notice all the little things, collections that make me feel good. I know we all have them, little objects that we have picked up on our journeys. Something so small can make us feel good each time we look at it.

As you know, I love pillows, not all pillows though. The two little pillows in the picture have been with me for years. They are done in a very soft vintage cotton with a separate little feather down pillow inside. I love the embroidery, one says Good Morning, the other Good Night. They make me feel good each time I see them. Such a great find.

The blue willow plate I bought at a flea market along with several other pieces. It shows it's age, there is a wonderful glazing that has taken place over the years. It's pale blue flowers are so faint yet sweet. My little wooden shoe forms have also been with me for years, aren't they just too cute? Of course we all love vintage sheet music and old photos, those are just a must have. The Hydrangeas are from my garden. They were a magnificent blue when I picked them and now they are a gorgeous lavender. I can't wait until there are new blooms so I can add more to my collection.

I would love to know what your little treasures are. What makes you feel good when you walk around your home? Do your treasures come with wonderful memorizes? Leave me a comment and share, it's always so nice to know what others collect.

Have a wonderful weekend, who knows you might even come across another little feel good treasure today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Up To My Ears In Pillows

I really want to thank Jeanne for her gracious post at A Bushel and a Peck . The comments have been wonderful and I so appreciate it. As with many of us who find passion in what we do, it is hard to be your own critic. You make something that you like and just hope others enjoy it as well. So I must say how moved I am by all the encouraging posts about my pillows.

I am up to my ears in pillows and fabric. It is really a sign that I need to take sometime today to do a little housekeeping when I pull a thread of burlap off my husbands pants as he's walking out the door. I'm sure many of you can relate.

I encourage you to stop by Jeanne's blog as well as her Etsy shop, both are wonderful and she is an amazing artist.

Thank you so much Jeanne, your the best!