Friday, August 7, 2009

Perfect Weekend Jaunt

What are your plans for this weekend? I would love to just get away and there is one place that would just make it a perfect weekend. Green Oaks Antiques, located in Rochester, Indiana. My first trip to Green Oaks I thought I had missed it as I was driving down two land country roads in the middle of farm land.

Turning down a gravel road that curves around, suddenly you see a very large building with the largest selection of gorgeous vintage garden d├ęcor. The best is yet to come, once you walk into the building you feel like you have died and gone to heaven. For anyone who loves flea markets, junking, and antique shopping this is the place to go.

Ann and her husband have been in business since 1978 and they both are fabulous people. I thought it would be fun to show you some fabulous pictures of the store and the great finds available there.

I hope all of you have a perfect weekend!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Petit Coterie is Going To Australia

Photo courtesy of: Simple Things Small Joys

I think it is always such a pleasant surprise when you wake up with the idea that today is probably going to be just another day of meeting deadlines and work and then something happens to completely change the course of an ordinary day. That surprise came in the form of an email from a friend in Australia. I know many of you know Cathy Penton, she has been featured in numerous magazines here in the U.S. as well as in Australia.

Cathy and her partner Angela Osment are frantically working to open their new shoppe in Highfields Old Australia. called Simple Things Small Joys . I was thrilled that Cathy and Angela wanted to carry Petit Coterie pillows in their new shop. I have long admired Cathys talent not only as a designer of gorgeous charms but also her designs in fabric.

I have received so many nice emails from ladies in Australia and now they can purchase them from Cathy and Angela. If you have a moment please do stop by their blog, have a look and watch for their grand opening. Thank you Cathy and Angela, you turned an ordinary day into a spectacular day.

I hope your day turns out spectacular,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Linen, Lace and Burlap A Great Combination

I am a fabricholic, I admit it, and I cannot just go shopping for buttons and not walk out of the store with an arm load of great fabrics. I convince myself that this particular fabric would make a gorgeous bed skirt of which I have no time to make. My preferred fabric of choice at the moment is linen, I know I should be saying burlap don’t misunderstand me, burlap has been good to me and I am not going to give it up completely I am just moving toward designs in linen.

With the holidays fast approaching I am anxious to start work on my holiday line and linen will be a big part of it as well as burlap. I think the combination of burlap and linen should be interesting. I love fabric that has texture as it just adds that little spark to any room like the burlap, mix it with cotton duck, silk, damask and the look is complete.

Along with being a fabric collector I also collect vintage linens, ones that have embroidery or delicate lace and even the cotton crochet trim. I actually didn’t realize how big my collection had gotten over the years until I pulled a large box out and there they were all starched and pressed just waiting for some creative endeavor. I have decided that I will use many of these white vintage linens in my holiday collection. The trims are just perfect for a white simplistic French or Nordic looks. Damask, linen , vintage lace and burlap what an interesting combination. Love it!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Winner Is...

Photo credit: manon21
A big thank you to all who entered my giveaway. I really love doing giveaways as it's a great way to meet new blogger's who end up being great friends. So I pulled out my little black Amish hat and filled it up with all the names who had entered. The difficult part was getting my daughter out of her bed to participate. I did so with the promise that I would not include her or her mismatched p.j's or her old bleached out Abercrombie shirt in the picture. So here is the sequence of drawing the winners name.

And the winner is...

Congrat to Tara from you are the winner of this giveaway. I really want to thank all of you who left such great posts. I do hope you will all stop back again soon, as you just never know what giveaway I will come up with next.

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Lazy Sunday

I really was going to clean house today as there is burlap everywhere but as soon as I heard the thunder and the sun disappeared I knew it was going to be one of those lazy Sundays. A perfect day to just pick up a good book and tune out the mess.

Yesterday I spent the entire day working on new designs and getting photos done so I am sure I will regret taking today to do nothing. The only thing that I can hope for is a sudden burst of energy tonight that will motivate me to do some house cleaning.

Please be sure to post below for my giveaway, I would hate for you to miss out.

Happy lazy Sunday!