Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Is Your Week Going?

On a scale of one to ten I would have to say mine has been a ten. Last week it was a one. Amazing how small things can impact your entire week and they seem to multiply as the week goes on. Last week I could have crawled back into bed with the covers over my head and stayed there. This week has been fantastic!

One of the stores in the U.K that carries Petit Coterie, The Old Cinema was featured in BBC Homes & Antiques November issue. He was kind enough to send the photo used for the feature and there they were, our burlap pillows. That added a bright spot in my week.

I’m sure many of you have so many great ideas of things to make and the problem is just finding the time. This week, while working on orders I decided to allow some extra time to add some new items that have been on the back burner. Our new tea towels are finally available as well as a new burlap pillow for the holidays. Still have a few other things I want to accomplish but will save those for Saturday.

How is your week going on a scale of one to ten? I do hope it’s a ten for all of you!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who Is The Winner?

What a great day this has been…. I never got out of my P.J.’s and even though I was not going to work , I still can’t help myself. I guess it’s not really work since I love what I do and Sunday is usually a slow pace day for me.

I also had such a great time going and visiting all the wonderful blogs that all of you posted. I loved having an opportunity to just travel around to so many interesting blogs. It was so hard to pick just one winner, so I have 3 winners!!! I want to thank all of you for sharing your favorite blogs and I do hope we can do this again as the holidays gear up.

The winners are:

Vale from Les Cotrions, with her wonderful French blog

Jacqueline from Home, with her beautiful blog ,
Thank you all for leaving a post and I do hope you will stop by again. Have a wonderful week!