Monday, May 7, 2012

More Love for Vintage Suitcases and DIY Ideas

One of our most visited blog posts was our post on vintage suitcases so I thought we would revisit that idea. In my research endeavors I stumbled upon a blog post that blew me away. The folks over at Oh My Creative have nailed the DIY suitcase idea so perfectly. You must check out their post. There's little sense in reinventing the wheel when they made it so perfectly round the first time but here are some of my favorites and a few ideas they didn't cover. 

My favorite idea that they covered would have to be these suitcases masquerading as dresser drawers from Rossan Orlandi. It's just perfect. 

I found a few more interesting ideas on Pinterest. This Etsy user has capitalized on the vintage suitcases as shelves idea in her shop Quirks By Annie. An idea I'm fond of as I constantly lack shelf space in my home.
Like shelf space I also lack medicine cabinet space. I saw a lot of these but I liked this one from Storage Glee in particular for the watches hanging inside.

I had to add the garden variety (pun intended) suitcase found over at Dragonfly Cottage. It's such a fun little idea with bursts of color shooting out of it. It's such a strange sentiment to view it. On one hand you want to scream "oh no don't ruin the suitcase with all that dirt!" but on the other it's a way to give new life to something that you might otherwise have done away with. Either way I love this. Such a sweet little flower garden.

I'd love to hear any DIY suitcase ideas you have. Or maybe stories about great vintage finds? Leave a comment and tell your tale. A bientot.