Saturday, August 15, 2009

Creative Giveaway Ends Tomorrow

It's not to late to enter my giveaway, just add your creative suggestion below and you could win not only the slip with your saying but you could also win a slip of your choice.

Today has been a busy day, but at least I was able to finish a new design that I have been working on and that always make me feel like I have accomplished something. I hope all of you are having a wonderful Saturday.
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There Is Nothing Like A Woman Scorned

For all of us who have had our hearts broken…

Is the saying " there is nothing like a woman scorned" true? I do believe it is, we have all had our heart broken sometime in our life. Maybe it was by our very first love, the one that you feel you will never get over, and all you want to do is get even…

This womanly feeling has emerged in my daughter, her heart is broken, and she is now the woman who has been scorned. Her first love who she had dated for 11 months not only broke up with her on her birthday ( how rude) but he had another girlfriend within a few days. As her mother, I tried to console her with the usual things a mother say’s like, " I know it hurts, but someday the right one will come along", or "who needs someone like him, you deserve better". We all know full well that words mean nothing at a time like this, I could see it in her eyes.

Several days after the break up she came to me feeling pumped up, with an expression of confidence. I knew something had taken place for her to be feeling so smug. She proceeded to tell me that she had gotten even. Her exact words were, "I am bad, I mean really bad , I so got even". As much as we don’t want our daughters to get even, I think down deep we all have had that same attitude when our heart has been broken. She was so full of herself as she explained that she went by her boyfriends and sure enough, there was this black Pontiac Firebird at his house, knowing full well that it was the NEW girlfriends car.
So she got down very low and crept over to the black Firebird and proceeded to let the air out of the tire. "I know I’m bad, but so was he and I hope his new girlfriend has a flat tire when she tries to drive home" were her words. Knowing that my daughter can’t even put air in her own tire, I asked her how she knew how to do this?

Mom, it was so easy, you know the little cap on the tire thing? Well, I just took off the cap and threw it in the bushes. Yup!, I’ll bet her tire is flat by now! I could not hold back the laughter, all I could envision was my daughter crouching down by the black car and feeling the excitement of revenge as she tossed the little plastic cap into the bushes. She asked me what was so funny? I could barely bring myself to tell her that her little act of getting even was not going to work as just taking off the little cap would do nothing at all.

So much for a woman scorned.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Big Fish That Didn't Get Away

My Big Fish Story:

Several years back I had purchased a model home and I loved the way it was decorated so I decide to purchase all the furnishing as well. There was a beautiful solarium with a white baby grand piano, I was told that the piano was merely for display purposes only the strings and hammers were just there but didn't work. That was fine with me as I just loved the looks of it.

Due to my husbands business we made several moves through out the years and each time the movers would struggle with dismantling the piano and setting it up again at the new house. My husband would repeatedly ask me " why do you continue to move that empty piano"? Are you kidding? I love that empty shell, who cares if it doesn’t play.

A year after we moved into our current home, I thought it would be fun to see how much it would cost to have the piano restored. I contacted an expert in the field of restoring pianos and I was so excited with the possibility of finally having a piano that would play.

This is where the story becomes unbelievable. For all of you who love antique stores, flea markets and yard sales this was one of those amazing finds. The piano man lifted up the top of the piano and to my amazement there was a board that had been screwed down over the hammers I thought just to secure them for transport. The piano man took the board off and TA DA! The piano worked, only needing minor adjustments.

All these years who knew? The piano was built in 1921, in up state New York. The wood is cherry from the same region. The piano man immediately offered me $4,000.00, but after all these years of moving it across country I was not about to part with it now. Once the piano man knew I would not sell it, he said "I should insure it for at least $15,000.00". Are you ready for that????

I paid $200.00 for it! You just never know what big fish you are about to catch.

Have a wonderful week and don't forget about my Giveaway.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show Me Your Creativity and Win The Giveaway

Creativity...Definition of Creativity: noun, the quality of being creative, and the ability to create.

I think each one of us has the ability to be creative but our area of creativity maybe in so many diverse areas. I for one know that I do not have the creativity to write. While traveling around the blogging world I come across so many well written blogs. I am fascinated with the writers who can make a simple ordinary day into an exciting event for their readers. My daily events would never captivate readers no matter how I would try. Sweeping up burlap, ordering Chinese food to be delivered as I have been too busy to cook does not sound all that interesting.

On the other hand visiting blogs like Susie Harris where she takes you step by step through great craft projects is creativity at it’s best. Then there are blogs like Fifi’s or Cathy Penton and many others who not only take you through fascinating content but also captivate you with gorgeous photos these would be quality of being creative.

I create pillows, some fall under the definition of the ability to create while some pillows would fall under the definition of prose adjective: dull, unimaginative. Those pillows find their way to the scrape box. I don’t think our creative juices flow 24/7 at least mine don’t. I do know when I am on the creative roll my mind wakes me up at 3:00 a.m. with raging ideas.

Right now I am working on a beautiful design and I love to add text to each pillow, for some reason my ability to be creative on content has hit the brick wall. This is where all of you that possess creativity come in.

I am looking for the perfect word or saying for this pillow. Unfortunately I can not share exactly what the design is, but let me give you a couple of words to build on, royalty and soar. Can you feel a giveaway coming? Here is the contest, who ever submits the best word or phrase for this pillow will win the giveaway. Please keep in mind that the word or phrase will be translated to French so it needs to be fairly short as there is only so much space on the pillow. The winner of the giveaway will not only receive the new design but will also win a burlap slip of their choice. I will pick the winner on August 16th.
Wishing you all much creativity,