Friday, May 18, 2012

To the Beach

With May Day over a fort night past, I have beach on the brain! We've spent so much time designing and making products inspired by the beach and all things nautical that I think it's just about time to drop everything and go:

But what to do once I'm there? So many different ways to relax. I could just lie in the sun and sand and work on my tan. I could get in the water if it's not too cold.

I could spend a single evening in an elaborate sand castle before the waves wash it away.

I think what I would most like to do is enjoy a seaside meal in a place like Positano, Italy.

What's your favorite beach activity? Are you a sunbather? A Swimmer? An architect of sand? Let me know your favorite ways to enjoy your days on the beach.


Cathy Penton said...

Hey beautiful girl...I am a beach girl through and through but my favourite thing is actually walking on the beach....Favourite beaches you will have to do a search or google for Byron Bay NSW Australia or come for a visit and I will take you there... About 3 hours from where I live.... Also casuarina beach is where we holiday :)....Sunny here in our last couple of weeks of autumn...Love to you across that very big pond c xoxo

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Donna said...

Oh yes! The beach is not just for swimming. You can do a lot of fun stuff there, and you can also do nothing at all. Just sit still or lie down, and savor a moment of silence. And to answer your question, I find bliss in gazing at the night sky. The moonlight, as it reflects through the waters, creates a peaceful atmosphere.

-Donna Parsley