Monday, October 3, 2011

Custom Cutting Boards at Petit Coterie

The months are just flying by as evident by my last blog post.  We have just had so many exciting things going on and one of them is our new cutting boards. Of course we had to take one of our original pillow designs, the Cafe de Madaline and add it to a beautiful maple board.  We are now offering these boards as custom wedding gifts, with the bride and grooms name and date of their wedding as well as anniversary and house warming gifts. I think it's great when you can customize a gift.

We are also offering our Burlap Christmas stockings and our holiday pillows so please stop by our website.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week ahead.


Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

Look at these beautiful cutting boards!You have the must wonderful ideas!! I am happy to say that I just received another of your gorgeous pillows! "She" is so pretty and lives in my daughter's room! I can't tell you how lovely it has been to get a pillow in the mail and for it to be such a surprise! I have written on several blogs about them and I do hope people will "run" to your shop!!
Thank you!!

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

hi there
great blog
hope you don't object
used your
suitcase image
but linked
it back to you
i will happily remove
if you so desire


miss b said...

What unusual cutting boards and I love items with a French theme. Thank you for your comment- there will be more posts about Dubai soon!

Andrew Dawkins said...

There are many types of cutting boards available today and when choosing the perfect cutting board, consumers consider many factors: is it sanitary? dishwasher safe? will it dull my knives? is it environmentally friendly? durable? easy to store?