Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Acts of Kindness And A Giveaway...

I really want to thank everyone for the sincere posts regarding the awful tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. We experience the sadness of this event daily.

Each day we are all bombarded with sad news events that occur all over the world. When my daughter was small my husband and I made it a point at dinner to have each person at the table tell what was good about their day. There is so much negativity that we hoped it would help all of us to see the positive aspects of the day. I also remind myself to show an act of kindness each day. Believe me, there are some days that I feel so stretched that I am not feeling kind. But even the smallest act of kindness can impact someone else’s life and that can be so rewarding.

I would love to hear from you regarding the last act of kindness that you received. I would also like to do a giveaway as we try to do one each month and I do think that I missed May. So leave a post and if you put a little note on your blog you will get a double entry.

We just finished a new pillow slip that is done in our grain sack fabric. It is our French number pillow slip so we hope that you will leave a post. We will have the drawing on June 18th.

Wishing you positive feelings,


McCarthy Designs said...

What a lovely idea and a lovely giveaway! The last act of kindness I received was:
A volunteer was called for to work in another office for a few days involving two nights away and manning the office alone. No one volunteered and I drew the short straw. Knowing that I had family commitments my colleauge offered to go on my behalf! I was very thankful!

Prencie said...

First I must say that I adore your pillows!! I'm planning on redoing my living room here in the near future and will have to pay your store a visit!!:) I would love to win this awesome pillow as a starter to my collection;) hee hee:)

The last act of kindness that I received was actually from my husband:) Since opening my etsy shop I have been working out of my dining room so he went through the pain of knocking a hole in one of out walls (leading to our family room) and we carved out a nook in the corner of our living room. Now from where I sit and work I can just glance up and keep an eye on my kiddos (in the family room) while I work. That's what the new entry way was for:) Now I can work in my own corner comfortably and I LOVE it!!:)

I know this is no way near on the level of helping out with the Gulf but it helped make my life easier for me on a daily basis;)

Jacqueline said...

Hi Michelle,
Lovely to see you posting. I hope all's well with you and your family and that your husband is now feeling well.
I actually received a bunch of the most beautiful white roses from a friend the other day for something that I did for her, so it was a double act of kindness !!
I love all of your cushions and this one is no exception. It's gorgeous Michelle. Many thanks for your generosity and for your many acts of kindness.
I will place it on my sidebar and link back to you.
Have a lovely weekend. XXXX

sanjeet said...
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Karen said...

I work as a nurse calling patients who may not live. There is nothing I can say to change the outcome. But when I can see a smile in that patient's voice as I wish them well, I am blessed by their humanity. I encourage your humanity for your environment and I can feel the love you have for God's creatures, great and small. You have blessed me with your post.

La Maison Reid said...

I love your pillow and your thoughts on positive thinking. Two days ago someone bashed many of the mailboxes on our country road. When I discovered it I couldn't stop to fix it as I was on my way to console my daughter whose dog was dying. When I got home I saw that it had been uprighted. My neighbor (whose box was totally demolished) had not only bought and installed a new box of his own but took the time to upright mine which was uprooted out of the soil. Great to have nice neighbors!

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Would love to win the pillow because as you know I love your work! My kids and I have been making an effort lately to say something nice to a stranger each day for a week. One that stands out for me was when I met an old lady working at an op shop and told her she had the most beautiful writing I had seen (it really was, beautiful cursive!) She said I had made her whole week saying that :0))

vintagesusie & wings said...

I love your pillows & would adore to win one!!! My father had a terrible motorcycle accident on Mother's Day...I have been taking care of him since. My sister in CO flew out for a week so I could go home for some much needed R & R. That was a HUGE act of kindness to me & my Daddy! Thanks for this lovely giveaway..

Vintage Girl said...

Your pillows are so gorgeous and your blog is an inspiration to me. xx

Ms. Robinson said...

lovely's very sad what is going on in the Gulf. God bless everyone who is affected...xoxoox

Beetle said...

Thank you for this giveaway. Every day I receive many acts of kindness. Recently, our neighbor offered to check in on our cat while we were gone for the weekend. Our cat can take care of herself for a few days, but she gets lonely. It was nice of our neighbour to take time out of her busy schedule to check in on our cat! elliebeetle AT gmail D0T com

dianneconner said...

How beautifully apropros.... Petit Soleil's second cookbook is named DEUX our pillow is amazing and charming!
Love your blog and your musings..