Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pillow Fight or Cat Fight?

I want to thank all of you for your support regarding copy cats. I think many of us have had this experience and we often times feel hopeless in how to fight back. Today, we choose a pillow fight because that is what we do, we make pillows.

So here is our Copy Cat pillow, we believe it sends a message, what do you think? Actually we really like this message.

Wishing you a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! Absolutely love it :0)))
you can hold your head up with pride against those copy cats! meeeeow.

Sea Witch said...

I love a good cat, umm, errr, pillow fight. These are adorable. Sea Witch

Kim said...

Good for you! I want to order one of your pillows, but I just can't seem to decide which one! They are all so great. I will pick soon though and let you know. Kim

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Michelle
I absolutely adore this pillow.. sorry I missed your copycat post.. i'll went back and read it.. how frustrating and disappointing that must be for you.. I know how annoyed I feel if someone copies an idea of mine [or steals my whole post which has been done a few times]. However for you.. being your craft and livelyhood, I can understand how annoyed you must be!!

The good thing is your customers know they will get quality when they purchase from you... I think your Copy Cat cushion is delightful... and a very polite way to say @#$ hahaha... Good for you...

Off to check out your pillows.. xx Julie

FEDERICA said...

This is soo lovely!
Darling your Paris No.12 giveaway runs today! :-)

Tamerie Shriver said...

Great idea! It's a good way to fight without lower yourself to the copy cat's level! And still, it gets your message and displeasure at what's been done to you out there!

Way to go!!


Tara said...

Love it!!! Happy Valentines day to you!!

Les Cotrions said...

Great idea and faboulous message!
Happy week end!

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

a message it does send- and rightfully so!
and the pillow is wonderful on top of it!


Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Michelle, I love it! Fabulous way to rise above it and take a pro-active approach! The pillow is perfection!


Simona said...

hello Michelle, your pillows are fantastic .... I can not choose one ... I love them all ... they are so beautiful!!! xx Simona

Tania - Grange de Charme said...

Beautiful cushions ! I love it !
Have a great sunday !

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